Germany’s Forming Parties Agree on New Climate Ministry

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According to sources, the three parties in Germany that are trying to form a coalition agree on a new ministry for Climate.


This ministry would take over tasks from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and should, among other things, draw up a policy for German industry and energy. The environment ministry in the current cabinet focuses more on nature conservation.

According to the sources, the SPD, FDP and the Greens have also agreed on banning new cars that run on fossil fuels from 2035. In doing so, they follow European guidelines. The government also wants to stop energy generated by coal from 2030, and by 2040 all German houses must be rid of gas.

A few weeks after the September 26 elections, the three parties started talking about forming a coalition. The left-wing parties SPD and the Greens had already indicated that they would like to rule together before the elections. However, for a majority in parliament, a coalition must be formed with the liberal FDP.

The three parties want to present a coalition agreement this week.

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