Germany Restarts Coal-Fired Power Stations When Russian Gas Shuts Down

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Germany will restart coal and oil power plants if Russia stops supplying the country with natural gas because of the war in Ukraine.


The German government is taking precautionary measures, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Germany is concerned about gas shortages in the event of Russia’s gas shutdown. Berlin, therefore, plans to keep coal and oil plants on standby for longer, which can then be switched on in the short term if there is a threat of a shortage of gas for the energy supply.

Germany has about six gigawatts of coal-fired power stations in reserve. The country actually wants to completely stop using energy from coal by 2030. German energy companies such as Uniper and RWE have already said they can start up power stations if there is a shortage of Russian gas.

Coal now accounts for about a quarter of Germany’s electricity production. Furthermore, Germany relies upon more than half of its gas supply on supplies from Russia. Because of the war in Ukraine, Germany wants to reduce that dependence as quickly as possible.

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