German Health Institute Advises Maximum Limit on Contacts

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The German health institute RKI writes in a piece of new advice that people should limit their contacts “to the maximum” and only go out when necessary.


According to the German equivalent of the RIVM, these measures must be taken immediately because of the omikron variant of the coronavirus and not be lifted before mid-January.

The institute also recommends accelerating the pace of the vaccination campaign and communicating well so that the measures are understood. The availability of sufficient free tests is also mentioned in the advice.

The advice comes prior to consultation between Chancellor Olaf Scholz with the state prime ministers about the current corona situation. The measures mentioned by the RKI are stricter than the new measures expected from the leaders. However, a nationwide lockdown does not appear to be on the table.

The RKI reports that omikron may be dominant in Germany as early as January. “Under the current circumstances, the number of cases doubles in about three days”. The variant is spreading faster than the current dominant variants in other countries where omikron is widespread. Several countries have taken additional measures because of omikron.

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