France Wants to Take More Action Against Racism and Violence in Police Operations

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France wants to take more action against racism and violence in police operations. A controversial arrest method that controls the suspect with a neck clamp should no longer be used.


That announced the French minister of the interior Christophe Castaner on Monday.

This stranglehold would no longer be taught at police academies in the future. “I repeat it emphatically: racism does not belong in our society and even less with our police,” said the minister.

Last week, thousands of people demonstrated against racism and police brutality in France following the death of black American George Floyd.

People also took to the streets due to similar cases in France, where people died while arrested or in police custody. New protests are expected in France on Tuesday.

Castaner announced the measures, but also defended the police against criticism and attacks. He said it was an honour to wear the police uniform.

“I will not allow some people’s horrific acts to disgrace an entire institution,” the minister stressed.

“I refuse to say that the institute is racist, but yes, there are racist police officers.” He also pointed out that the situation in France and the US cannot be compared.

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