France is Counting on Million Corona Vaccinations in January

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France is on track to vaccinate 1 million people against the coronavirus this month. So said Health Minister Olivier Véran, who also stressed that enough doses had been secured to vaccinate 2.4 million French by the end of February.


France has reported the highest number of infections in the EU, with nearly 3 million corona cases but is lagging behind vaccination.

The Ministry of Health announced that more than 422,000 people had had an injection on Sunday, while in Italy and Germany, more than a million people have already been vaccinated.

The pace of vaccination is politically sensitive in many European countries. The frontrunner in vaccination in the EU is currently Denmark. According to an overview by the news site Politico, the Danes have vaccinated about 2.88 percent of the population.

France (0.65 percent), Luxembourg (0.52 percent), the Netherlands (0.44 percent) and Bulgaria (0.27 percent) are the last ones according to that list.

Minister Véran said on Monday that about eight hundred vaccination centres have already been opened. The French authorities have also broadened vaccination policy this week. French people aged 75 and older and citizens with serious health problems can now also get vaccinated.

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