France And Germany Call On Europe To Invest More In Tech

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France and Germany call on Europe to invest more in tech start-ups. France and Germany call on the European Union to invest more in ambitious tech start-ups. Means Europe has to fight better with superpowers such as the United States and China.


For this, both countries plead in a written appeal to leaders of the European Union, recognised by the Reuters news agency.

France and Germany want the project to focus on entrepreneurs, plans with high risks and scientists.

The countries say they want to create a network with which breakthroughs in science can find their way to the market.

They also believe that a Europe-wide investment strategy is needed to develop the climate around venture capitalists.

This industry is lagging behind in Europe compared to the United States, where investors are the driving force behind tech companies from Silicon Valley.

Earlier this month, the European Commission called for an innovation board. And this was an accompanied plea that Europe should raise the bar regarding innovation.

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