Four British Teenagers Die in Terrible Weekend Accidents

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Four British Teenagers Die in Terrible Weekend Accidents. In the British city of Leeds, three teenagers and a 21-year-old man died Saturday morning when their car collided with an Uber taxi, writes the Express Paper.


Two other passengers were seriously injured to the hospital, just like the driver of the taxi.

The accident took place Saturday morning around 2:40 in the British city of Leeds. The four male victims of 18, 19, 19 and 21 years were on the road in a Seat Leon that crashed for a still unknown reason with a taxi from Uber.

According to witnesses, they would have driven too fast, and they were sitting in a much too small car with six of them.

The four young people were declared dead on the spot, two other passengers – girls aged 16 and 17 – were seriously injured. One of them is still fighting for her life. The driver of the Uber taxi, a 42-year-old man, is also injured but is not in danger of life.

Witnesses tell how they heard an “explosion” when the cars collided.

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