Europen Commission: Countries Must Let EU Citizens in with Two Shots

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EU citizens who have not yet received a booster shot with a corona vaccine can simply travel to other EU countries, the European Commission says.


The Member States must admit fully vaccinated people, and two shots are enough for that. But countries can decide for themselves whether travellers are given access to a ski hotel, pub or museum, for example.

Anyone who has had two doses of a corona vaccine, or one of the Janssen vaccines, has been able to travel through the EU with a European corona pass since the summer. But this is being tampered with now that more and more countries consider a necessary boost for corona defences. Austria and France have announced that the EU certificate will no longer be valid for people who do not get a booster, starting with the elderly. Winter sports enthusiasts were terrified.

The rules are clear, the committee believes. “If you are fully vaccinated, Member States will not restrict free movement.” But countries are free to ask for an extra vaccination before entering a restaurant or concert.

The committee is in talks with member states about how to deal with boosters and a possible update to the travel rules, she says. “You can expect news about this in the coming weeks.” Now she is mainly advocating, once again, that the Member States coordinate their approach with each other.

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