European and American Stock Markets are Slipping Again

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It may be another very turbulent week on the stock markets. Most European stock markets opened again at a loss this morning, perhaps following the sharp decline in New York on Friday evening.


There was a short recovery around noon, but afterwards, the stock exchanges in Europe followed the negative spiral in New York.

The Bel-20 closed 3.8 percent lower tonight on Euronext Brussels. It was no different elsewhere in Europe. The most notable drop in the FTSE100 index in London, which had to drop 4.3 percent. The loss was 3.3 percent in Paris and 2.1 percent in Frankfurt.

The stock exchanges in New York meanwhile continue their downward trend of Friday evening. The Dow Jones was down more than 4 percent at one point, but that has now been reduced to a 1 percent loss.

The Nasdaq turns 0.7 percent green. Perhaps the decision of the central bank Federal Reserve to buy bonds without limit and thus pump money into the economy has given American investors some confidence.

Unrest about the economic consequences of the coronavirus naturally plays an important role. However, observers had been warning for some time that stock markets had risen excessively and that a correction was imminent.

When it was first thought that a crisis in the Persian Gulf would pull the trigger of the correction, it has now become the coronavirus.

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