EU Countries Must Get Along With Vaccinations

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The EU countries must step up their vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, the European Commission urges.


They must prevent delays and vaccines remain unused, says European Commissioner Stella Kyriakides (Health).

The committee has received a lot of criticism in recent weeks about the joint purchase of corona vaccines. She would have worked much too slowly and watched powerlessly at how deliveries were disappointing.

But now the spotlight is shifting to national governments, Kyriakides’ colleague Margaritis Schinas added after consulting the two with the health ministers of the EU member states.

“The focus is now no longer on the European purchase of the vaccines, but on the implementation in the Member States.” People have judged the committee’s actions too early, he says.

In countries, vaccination seems to be gaining momentum, but it is still tricky here and there. Last week, for example, 80 percent of the AstraZeneca vaccines supplied to the EU were still on the shelf.

Kyriakides made a connection with vaccination shrill, which the Member States should combat.

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