EU Blocked Exports of 3 Million Corona Vaccines to Australia

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The European Union has blocked exports of more than 3 million AstraZeneca vaccines to Australia.


That has only received 300,000 doses of the drug, according to a source within the Australian government. As a result, the vaccination campaign is further delayed.

The Australian government is under fire domestically because, according to critics, vaccination is far too slow. According to local media, authorities have so far administered more than 854,000 doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca vaccines, significantly less than planned. The authorities had previously expressed the expectation that the counter would be 4 million injections by the end of March.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison pointed an accusing finger abroad on Tuesday. “At the beginning of January, we expected to receive the 3.1 million vaccines. They have not been delivered to Australia,” he told the press. Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said earlier that his country still has 3 million vaccines owed by the EU.

Australia had previously only complained of a blockade of 250,000 AstraZeneca vaccines in Italy. The EU has not yet confirmed that 3 million vaccines have already been stopped. There is frustration in Europe because AstraZeneca delivers less than agreed. Brussels last month tightened the export regulations for corona vaccines.

Australia is one of the western countries that survived the corona crisis the best in relative terms. The island state of 25 million inhabitants has attributed more than 900 deaths to the virus, considerably less than the smaller Netherlands. There, the official death toll is more than 16,000.

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