Emergency Meeting of the Northern Irish Government After New Riots

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The Northern Ireland government has announced an emergency meeting following new riots in the capital, Belfast. In the riots last night, a bus was attacked and set on fire.


The police have called on the population to avoid several areas in the city where people have gathered. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has since condemned the violence.

Images circulating on the internet show that a biplane was pelted with incendiary bombs and then completely burned out last night. According to some reports, a press photographer was also attacked. The incident occurred at a crossroads between a Protestant and a Catholic residential area.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded to the incidents via Twitter. “I am very concerned about the scenes of violence in Northern Ireland, especially the attacks on the Northern Ireland police protecting the people and businesses and the attacks on a bus driver and a journalist,” said Johnson. “Disputes are resolved through dialogue, not violence or crime,” he said.

Night Riots have been going on for days in Northern Ireland, including in several cities outside Belfast. More than 40 police officers have been injured in the process. According to the security services (partly militant), Protestant, loyalist groups, which are also involved in drug trafficking, are behind the unrest.

The riot has triggered the prosecutor’s decision not to prosecute senior politicians of the Catholic-Republican Sinn Fein for violating the corona rules after attending the funeral of IRA leader Bobby Storey. The loyalists’ discontent is also related to the post-Brexit trade deals, which they believe have created barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

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