CNBC: Elon Musk Temporarily CEO of Twitter After Takeover

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Tesla boss Elon Musk is expected to become temporary CEO of social media platform Twitter after he acquires that company, business website CNBC reports citing sources.


Musk should become CEO in a few months. However, the business website does not provide more details yet.

It will cost Musk $44 billion to take Twitter off the stock market in its entirety. The board of Twitter has agreed to this, but the shareholders have yet to agree. Musk is still talking to investors about his plans to convince them.

The richest man in the world has been spouting ideas about the future of Twitter for weeks. For example, he indicated that he wanted to make the current subscription to Twitter Blue cheaper, that he wanted to ban advertisements and that he wanted to make payments in crypto coins possible.

However, he later deleted those tweets. Musk also said he wanted to ask for money for posting tweets on, for example, news sites.

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