Chancellor Merkel is Still Expecting Difficult Months

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German Chancellor Merkel expects another three to four tough months in the corona crisis.


The situation will only relax after the start of the summer, she says in a conversation with employees of the aid and crisis lines. Then the effects of the vaccination will become apparent, according to the government leader.

At the moment, every day is difficult; Merkel admits: “You can see that in everyone.”

The coming spring will make some things more comfortable and make you feel the corona restrictions more, the chancellor said. She assures that it will get better in four months, German media report.

Merkel also admits that the political approach to the crisis is characterized by uncertainty. “We are now trying to build the bridges, but we even do not know precisely in which direction we are building them.

After all, we do not see the shore either.” The tricky thing about a pandemic is that you don’t know the end, she emphasizes.

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