Cabinet Sees Nothing In A Ban On ‘Suicide Powders’

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Cabinet Sees nothing in a Ban on ‘Suicide Powders’. There is no ban on the means by which people can commit suicide. The government sees too many practical differences to prohibit the sale of so-called ‘suicide powders’.


According to Minister Hugo de Jonge, there are some grounds for not choosing such a ban.

For example, some substances that are fatal in large amounts are not in smaller doses.

In some situations, a substance may even have positive effects.

There are also substances that may be fatal but are also used for entirely different purposes.

Also, it would require a lot of workforces to enforce a ban,

 and in the case of internet trading that would even be ” difficult or impossible ”.

A ban can even have a counterproductive impact, according to the Minister.

By introducing a ban, you give ” awareness to these substances, something you want to restrict ”,

 writes De Jonge to the House of Representatives.

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