Brussels Wants A Better Report by Tech Giant About Combating Corona News

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Large tech companies still show too little whether and how they combat fake news and misleading information about the corona pandemic, according to the European Commission.


Google, Facebook, Twitter and similar internet giants are “on the right track”.

Google blocked or removed more than 82.5 million advertisements linked to the coronavirus from January to August, the committee lists in the interim report it released on Wednesday.

The American company also intervened with more than 1,700 websites about the epidemic. Facebook posted more than 4 million disinformation alerts in July and August following fact checks about Covid-19.

And in August, Twitter intercepted 949 bought-up corona ad tweets that were unacceptable, deleted another 4,000 regular tweets and acted on 2.5 million accounts.

Brussels is very concerned about sandwich stories and malicious, misleading information on the internet. They can hinder the fight against the virus.

But internet companies often struggle with filtering messages, photos, videos and other material that users post. They fear the accusation that they restrict freedom of speech.

The companies are doing better and better, the committee finds. But the figures still need to be “more complete, focused and detailed”, so that Brussels can see if their approach is working and can act accordingly.

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