British Prime Minister Johnson Pricked With AstraZeneca Vaccine

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has had his first corona prick. The politician, as he had previously announced, has been vaccinated with the vaccine from AstraZeneca.


Johnson was given the vaccine at the London hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19. The 56-year-old prime minister himself became infected with the coronavirus almost a year ago. The Prime Minister did not need to be on a ventilator but was given oxygen because he had difficulty breathing.

The prime minister told the media that he felt “literally nothing” from the corona pepper in the hospital. “It was excellent, very fast,” he said. He also advised people to vaccinate themselves when it is their turn. “Go get the shot. It’s best for you, your family, and all the other people.”

For his infection, he received criticism for the way he dealt with the corona crisis. A few weeks before his infection, he said that he had shaken hands during a working visit to a hospital, also with corona patients. After his hospitalization, his attitude changed.

The United Kingdom was the first European country to vaccinate people in December last year. 26.3 million people have now had their first injection. More than 2 million people have also had their second doses and are therefore optimally protected.

In contrast to several other European countries, the United Kingdom continued its vaccinations with AstraZeneca. Out of concerns about possible side effects from AstraZeneca’s product, Germany, France and the Netherlands, among others, suspended its use.

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