British Company: A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Coronavirus

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The British company Synairgen says it has a treatment that could significantly reduce the number of deaths among Covid-19 patients.


Those who receive the drug SNG001 are 79 percent less likely to have serious complaints, according to a study of 100 patients in the United Kingdom.

Although it is a relatively small test group, Synairgen thinks there may be a breakthrough.

Participants who inhaled an agent containing the interferon beta protein would more likely have fully recovered. The study results have yet to be assessed by independent experts.

Synairgen director Richards Marsden is delighted: “We are all very pleased with the results of the trial, which show that SNG001 has dramatically reduced the number of patients who need to be ‘resuscitated’ from oxygen” “Patients receiving SNG001 would be twice as likely to have a complaint-free existence.

Synairgen’s trial was conducted on 101 patients across 9 UK hospitals from March 30 to May 27.

The test groups were equally divided in terms of age, underlying complaints and duration of the infection. One half received the drug-containing interferon, the other a placebo.

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