Brexit Impact: Why are Young People Choosing to Abandon College?

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The situation in the EU will be worse than in the case of Brexit. The article cites a study supporting the free trade economist organisation saying that due to the failure to reach a trade agreement, The EU countries will lose 500 billion pounds, while the UK will receive a £600 billion Brexit dividend.


The Times today quoted the shocking data of the NHS, which has nearly doubled the number of self-harming girls compared to 20 years ago. The charity told the newspaper that the data was heartbreaking and more work was needed to help the child get out of the crisis.

The Guardian said that Virgin has quietly become one of the UK’s leading providers of health care in the past five years after the NHS awarded Virgin a nearly £2 billion contract.

The newspaper said that within just one year, Richard Branson’s health department, Virgin Care, won a £1 billion deal to provide medical services in England. The Financial Times warned that after the Brexit, the EU would be headed by France in an attempt to bundle British financial services with red tape.

Philip Hammond said the progress could lead to the UK’s inability to enter the European market and called on the finance director to cooperate with the Ministry of Finance. Develop alternative service growth paths.

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