Brave Dog can Prevent 2-Year-Old British Girl from Being Kidnapped

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A brave dog has prevented the kidnapping of a two-year-old girl in Hampshire, UK. The dog ran after the kidnapper and bit him in the leg. So the girl was able to escape.


In Hampshire, UK, a mother took a morning walk with her daughter and dog on Thursday. Two men approached the mother with the child because they said they were interested in the dog. But then one of the men picked up the two-year-old girl and ran away with her.

The family dog ran after the man and bit him in the leg. The kidnapper then released the girl.

Police are currently still looking for the two men. However, the attempted kidnapping is taken “very seriously” by the police. “We are well aware that this incident will have a major impact on the community,” it said.

“Our officers are conducting a comprehensive investigation of the area – including door-to-door visits and CCTV footage. There will be highly visible patrols in the area to reassure the community.”

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