Biden Through the Dust After Verbal Slips on Blacks

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Democratic candidate for president of the United States Joe Biden has gone through the dust on Twitter for commenting that the Latino community in the US is extraordinarily diverse, “unlike the black community.”


Biden argues that he did not intend this comparison, by any means, his first verbal slip. President Donald Trump, Biden’s Republican competitor in the upcoming election, said on Friday that Biden had wasted his chances on the black vote.

“Earlier today, I made a statement about diversity in the African American and Latino community that I want to clarify,” Biden said in the tweet. “I didn’t mean to say in any way that the African American community is a monolith, not in terms of identity, not on political issues, not at all.”

Biden made the controversial remark during a round table meeting organized by the black and Latino journalist associations. President Trump responded on Twitter immediately after the interview aired: “Wow! Joe Biden has just lost the entire African-American community. What a ‘stupid’ statement!”

A spokesperson for Biden said shortly after his boss’s statement that Biden’s comment about diversity in the Hispanic community was referring to “the diversity of views among Latinos from different South American countries”.

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