Berlusconi Demanded Six Years in Prison in Bribery Case

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The chief prosecutor in a bribery case against former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has demanded six years in prison against the media tycoon. If it is up to the judiciary, property worth almost 11 million euros will also be seized.


The 85-year-old politician is accused, among other things, of bribing 24 witnesses in the process surrounding the so-called bunga bunga parties with young women more than ten years ago.

The trial in Milan is the third in the aftermath of this scandal, in which the extremely wealthy Berlusconi was charged with abuse of office and paying for sexual services to minors, in particular, the then 17-year-old prostitute ‘Ruby the Heartbreaker’. She was sentenced to five years in prison. Justice also wants to take 5 million euros in alleged bribery money from her.

Berlusconi was initially sentenced to seven years in prison but was acquitted on appeal in 2014. The current lawsuit concerns the pressure Berlusconi allegedly exerted on young women to give false testimony. According to the prosecutor, he had gathered around him a harem of “paid sex slaves”.

The leader of the political party Forza Italia, which has long struggled with health problems, denies the allegations. According to his lawyer, no crime was committed and the case will end in acquittal. A ruling is not expected before the end of September.

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