Beijing Answers Biden: US Should Not Impose Their Democracy on Others

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Following the speech by US President Joe Biden, China on Thursday accused the United States of wanting to “impose” its democratic model on other countries. Beijing also denounces US military activity and advocates a spirit of “non-confrontation” with Washington.


The US president gave his first speech to Congress on Wednesday evening. He said the US is “in competition” with China “and other countries to win the 21st century”. “The autocrats think that democracies cannot rival,” said Biden, adding that he “was not seeking conflict with China.”

When asked for a response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said it is “normal” for Beijing and Washington to “compete in some areas.” “But that competition, just like in an athletics competition, must give rise to a rivalry where everyone can outdo each other, not a duel to the death.”

Wang Wenbin also expressed dissatisfaction with the US, imposing its political system on other nations, especially China. “Democracy is a common value of humanity, not a product that one country, in particular, has a patent on,” he said.

“Imposing their democratic system on other countries is (…) a manipulation of democratic values. That will only divide, increase tensions, and undermine stability,” said Wang Wenbin. “China wants to develop a relationship with the US without conflict, in a spirit of non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation,” he also said.

The Chinese and US military is engaged in a battle for influence in the Asia-Pacific region. This is especially the case in the South China Sea and in the vicinity of Taiwan. This regularly leads to tensions between the two superpowers.

“The United States regularly sends warships and planes to the vicinity of China. That contributes to the militarization of the region and threatens peace and stability,” Wu Qian, a spokesman for China’s defence ministry, said at a press conference on Thursday. Since Bidens took office, the activities of US ships “in Chinese waters” have increased by 20 percent.

By as much as 40 percent, Wu said at a news conference that of reconnaissance aircraft, highlighting Beijing’s “strong opposition”.

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