At Least Three Dead After Suspected Human Smuggling Off the Coast of San Diego

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Off the coast of the American city of San Diego, 27 people were rescued when their boat capsized. At least three others did not survive the accident.


Police authorities suspect that this was a people-smuggling operation in which dozens of migrants from Mexico wanted to reach the United States.

The boating accident happened off the coast of San Diego, the southernmost city in the US state of California, on Sunday morning. The city is just a few miles from the border with Mexico.

The boat crashed into a reef, and violent waves crashed into the rocky coast of Point Loma, a peninsula near San Diego.

To save themselves, the crew jumped into the rough water, but at least three people did not survive the blow and drowned. Some of the victims were able to reach the coast, but others were dragged deeper into the sea by the strong current.

Rescue services retrieved the drowning people from the sea and administered first aid. The victims were taken to surrounding hospitals with various injuries.

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