American Black Man Suffocates After Police Bag Pulls His Head

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An unarmed black man died of suffocation in Rochester, USA, after a bag had been placed over his head and held him to the ground for two minutes.


That happened in March, but his family only got video footage yesterday showing how the officers worked.

Daniel Prude (41) died on March 30 in the hospital where he had been brought in in a very critical condition a week earlier after the collision with the police.

That was two months before the death of George Floyd, which continued anti-racism demonstrations worldwide. Floyd died when a white cop knelt on his neck for eight minutes.

Only yesterday the family of Prude, a father of five, came out with his story. They released images and written assignments that they had received. Prude’s brother Joe tells the police on March 23 to get help: Daniel had an acute mental illness and ran around naked on the street.

“I called for help, not to have my brother lynch,” the press conference said cynically. “How could it be that they saw him and did not immediately think: that man is defenceless and lies naked on the ground.

They had already handcuffed him. Come on, how many more brothers have to die before society understands this has to stop?”

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