3 Reasons to Visit Ethiopia

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Ethiopia? Yes, Ethiopia! Forget the cliché image of poverty, war and dry plains. Ethiopia has a proud, optimistic population and a vast cultural heritage. We give 3 reasons to go now!


Age-old treasures

1. Age-old treasures
The famous rock churches in Lalibela, the castles in Gondar, the monasteries at Lake Tana, the temple in Yeha; the country is bursting with ancient treasures!


Ethiopia Simien Mountains

2. Walking in the Simien Mountains
The rugged highlands of the Simien Mountains and its unique flora and fauna (the beloved baboon!) Are heavens for hikers.


Ethiopia Population

3. Population
Also fascinating to Ethiopia are the more than eighty colourful peoples and tribes. Facilities for travellers are necessary, the infrastructure is quite poor, but it all has its charm!

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